We have a range of packages that provide flexibility for different customer needs:

Package 1:: fee for service, IP resides with customer
This includes a full Innovation Binder including GB Patent Application

Package 2:: collaborative
Provide above service in return for stake in IP

Package 3:: consultancy
Problem solving, IP creation, reduction to practice, evaluation of idea, facilitation with other specialities

We can discuss with you which of these packages is most suitable for your idea.

We can also provide advice and help on potential funding opportunities.

About us::

We have over 25 years experience in developing medical devices and working closely with clinicians and researchers all over the world as well as having professional qualifications in product design and Intellectual Property management.


  • Are passionate about using the power of innovation to improve patients lives
  • Have very extensive experience working closely with clinicians and researchers to develop highly innovative solutions to significant clinical problems
  • Are able to articulate a clinician's idea in a way that can be understood and valued from a commercial viewpoint
  • Know how to create Intellectual Property around a new idea