Eykona Technologies

Eykona Technologies Ltd, a medical technology business spun out of the University of Oxford, have developed a hand-held 3D imaging device to meet the recognized unmet need for the objective measurement and characterisation of hard-to-heal wounds such as diabetic ulcers. i2r Medical worked closely with the Eykona development team and senior management to translate the highly innovative concept into a commercial device ready for full scale production. Eykona successfully launched the device in the UK in Autumn 2011 and is now actively engaged in exporting into the US market.

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Inotec AMD

Inotec AMD are a specialised woundcare company focussed on developing products to deliver oxygen to the wound. The healing of chronic wounds is proven to be accelerated with the introduction of pure oxygen and our work with Inotec AMD has enabled them to deliver this directly to the wound site without hindering the management of the exudate. A unique oxygen delivery system designed by i2r Medical, in conjunction with Inotec AMD, is the perfect adjunct to their Natrox(TM) oxygen generator.

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Nexa Medical Limited

Nexa Medical is a medical device company specialising in negative pressure wound therapy. i2r Medical was the design and regulatory contractor that successfully designed a Class 11a electromechanical device, a Class 11b sterile dressing and a Class 1 Fluid Container pack. The product is CE marked, patented and in commercialisation.

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i2r Medical has been working with TrusTECH, the NHS Innovation Hub for many years. Most recently i2r Medical worked with a team of blood transfusion nurses to conceptualise a product to automatically extract blood cells from swabs for subsequent processing via the ICS system. This will increase the amount of the patients own blood that can be salvaged from operations. The work undertaken by i2r Medical allowed substantial funding to be raised and a new company to be formed, SwabTech Limited

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