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Problem solving made easy

Using a demand led innovation philosophy, we will spend time working with you to understand the underlying problem that needs to be solved.

We do this through a series of simple but structured tools that reveal answers to questions such as what are the frustrations, limits, advantages of current solutions, does the need occur in other clinical areas and at different times in the treatment cycle of a patient. This way we get a full understanding of the problem to be addressed.

Working with you and using innovative methodologies we will translate the problem into a range of potential solutions.

The techniques promote creativity and are quick and efficient. Using objective criteria these range of solutions are then narrowed down to the strongest concepts.

Using sophisticated patent searching tools we will construct a complete picture of the IP landscape in a graphical form.

This will identify the white spaces in which opportunities to protect the newly generated solutions exist. The results of this and the solutions generated will form a comprehensive Invention disclosure that will be used to draft a patent application.

High quality visuals will be produced for the strongest concept(s) using the very latest graphic techniques and our knowledge of the medical device industry.

These will ensure the purpose of the invention is conveyed accurately.

Finally all the elements will be brought together in a high quality binder. The original idea will now be transformed into a realisable concept that an investor or large healthcare company can understand and objectively assess.

We will also help prepare you for marketing the idea by conducting a review of the concepts using healthcare industry criteria for scoring new opportunities.

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Using a demand led innovation philosophy, we will spend time working with you to understand

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